There are lots of activities that car owners do habitually while driving their cars. These actions include putting on the seat belts on sitting down, constantly looking in the rear-view mirror before backing up or even playing music before takeoff. Likewise, there are other varied activities we do that are harmless like the ones listed above.

Most drivers are unaware that some of the habits they have can destroy their cars. Some of the driving habits that seem harmless are very detrimental to vehicles. Below discussed in the article are some of the usual patterns made by motorists that create grave and costly damages to vehicles. 


For many automatic cars, the parking brakes are the most ignored parts. Most of the drivers using manual cars will in most cases use the parking brake, though there are a few who will not use these brakes in either the automatic or the manual cars. This is an error that will not just jeopardize the parking brake integrity but also the transmission. It can lead to the vehicle rolling uncontrollably, more so when parked in a downhill place. The brakes are installed to lock wheels and avoid it rolling away.

Another common mistake while driving is when gears are switched when the car is moving. This happens mostly when the driver reverses and turns the car to drive gear before stopping altogether. This sudden motion can strip the bands and gears within the transmission of the vehicle, and it is a very costly repair. Over some time, the car may be unable to switch gears since there it lacks the tension needed to trust the vehicle to drive mode. You must ensure that the car is completely stalled before changing gears. Know about dmv hearings here!


Most individuals leave the AC on when closing their cars or shutting off their ignition. Leaving your AC on when the car is turned off is very bad for your serpentine belt and makes the engine work harder than it ought to. This can be a very costly repair later on.   Watch to know more about lawyers.



Not changing or replacing the automotive fluids in the car is another grave mistake made by car owners and drivers. This can lead to several performance failures and issues in the vehicle. Fluids such as the power steering fluid, windshield wiper and coolant fluid, brake fluid, motor oil, and transmission fluid are very vital liquids and lubricants for all cars. These fluids must be replaced, flushed and filled as directed by the car manufacturer, click here to know more!